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Here at Royal Boilers, we offer a boiler service in the Birmingham area. A boiler service is an important process that ensures your boiler stays working effectively.
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Having a boiler service annually stops your boiler from breaking down and will stop any issues in its tracks. Not only this but it keeps your warranty intact if you do have a service annually. 

Our experienced gas-safe registered engineers will come out to your home and will carry out several checks on your boiler. They will remove the casing and then check the gas pressure and the flue to ensure everything is working correctly. He will also fire up the boiler to make sure it runs efficiently. Once our gas engineer has completed the service, they will leave you with a boiler certificate which shows you have had the boiler serviced by a professional, reputable engineer. 

When you come to sell, you can show your certificate to prove you have a fully working boiler which has been checked over by a gas safe engineer. There are several reasons why a service is important. For one, it stops any major issues as the engineer will fix any problems they come across such as low boiler pressure. Also, it will ensure your boiler will last during the winter months. There’s nothing worse than your boiler breaking when you need to heat your home. Also, you can save money with your boiler if it is running efficiently. Therefore, our boiler service will help you to save energy and ultimately save you money on your heating bills.

Birmingham's most efficient boiler servicing company

When you are looking for boiler servicing in Birmingham, Royal Boilers offer a top service. We are reliable and our engineers will carry the job out as efficiently as possible while being as unintrusive as possible. Our team offer great customer skills and will keep you informed during all parts of the service. We are happy to talk through any problems you have during the service. If anything needs fixing, this will be relayed to you with the price. Our team work in all parts of Birmingham.

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Four steps to a boiler service

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We will have an initial discussion on your requirements for your boiler service. Once we are aware of your boiler and any issues you are facing, we can arrange a suitable time and day to come to your home or commercial building.


The team will provide you with a quote for your boiler service at your home or business quarters.

Booking a date

Once you are happy with the quote, you will get back in touch with the team and book a date for the boiler service. This will be at a time that will be convenient for you.


Our team will come to your home and carry out the boiler service. We will make this as convenient and stress-free for you as possible.

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Royal Boilers based in Birmingham are here for all your heating & boiler needs.
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